Mastering Concepts of Physics

Nothing else has changed life as much as technology today. People can gather a lot of information in a short time to update knowledge in their own chosen field to make rapid advancement. We at Physics Online are dedicated to help K-12 students understand principles and concepts of Physics through audio and video, one-on- one interaction and the use of a whiteboard. You need a fast internet connection and a headset to seek help with your Physics problems, assignments and home work.

Just call us or email us about your needs and we shall be available to help you at a mutually convenient time.

 Physics Online is headed by Mr.S.C.Benjamin. He taught Physics to students of grades nine to twelve in India and Dubai for many years. He served as the Principal of a Senior Secondary School in north India for four years. He has a Masters degree in Physics. He has been teaching Physics online for the last five years. He has helped students all around the globe and is a very understanding, caring and dedicated teacher.