High quality guidance at reasonable price

 Physics Online provides high quality help at very competitive price. A student can opt for any number of sessions. Each session lasts one hour but the sessions may be extended beyond an hour according to the need of the student. Hourly fee is decided after checking the level of the subject matter and is negotiable. The fee is payable every week end after the sessions either into our bank account or the Paypal account. The weekly fee is for the number of sessions attended in a week. Students who wish to pay by the latter process will have to create their Paypal accounts. Parents and students can call us anytime for more information.

 A thirty minute demo session is free of charge. The fee for two or three sessions after the demo is payable at the end of sessions every week. The number of sessions for a course and the charges per session may be decided after a discussion with parent or student. Feel free to call us any time for an interaction.